Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stepping Stones for Stella

Happy New Year, Fit Girl Families!  As the year and season wind down, we wanted to share with you the result of the groups' community outreach for Stepping Stones for Stella (http://www.steppingstonesforstella.org).  Because of your kindness, the Fit Girls were able to successfully raise enough money to fund one buggy for a child released from Spaulding Rehab Hospital!  Through the coin drive and some generous independent donations, Fit Girls raised just over $900 for Stepping Stones for Stella to continue their mission of providing buggies for children with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors with their friends and families.  Great job, girls!

Here is the thank-you note from Stella and her mom, Nicole:

In addition to running, part of Fit Girls is community outreach and connecting to a cause to which the girls can relate and understand.  Thank you to all of our Fit Girls' families for your support of this important piece of the Fit Girls program. 

Keep running, and keep your minds and hearts healthy!

See you in 2014!

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