Monday, May 19, 2014

Guest Speaker, Chris Baylow

A big thank you goes out to Chris Baylow from New England Disabled Sports! Chris came to Fit Girls last Thursday to talk about NEDS and also to explain where the money raised will be going. Chris is a Marbleheader and a NEDS volunteer at Loon Mountain. NEDS has over 1,000 athletes participating per season and is appreciative of every dollar donated. From the bake sale alone, we raised over $600 and will continue to raise even more through the 5K sponsor pledges! This money will go directly back into the NEDS program-funding equipment and volunteer training

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Show your Fit Girl spirit in our new spring gear!  Fit Girls is again offering the opportunity to purchase new gear for this season with two options for the spring:  mesh athletic shorts and snap-back baseball caps!

Orders must be place online by May 19!

MESH ATHLETIC SHORTS with the Fit Girls Logo screened onto right leg ($20/each)


SNAP BACK CAPS with Fit Girls logo embroidered on the front ($20 each):



Example of a LAX 42 hat

Orders can be placed online NO LATER than May 19th!  
Don't delay!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Color Wars

Thursday was Color War day at Fit Girls.  The girls were broken up into small teams led captained by our great crew of girls from the Marblehead High School lacrosse team.  Each team was identified by color.  The teams had to RUN around completing a list of tasks, most of which included a physical activity.  All the while, the "mean girls" were trying to catch up with them to steal their checklists so they'd have to start the activities over.  It's always a fun day, and the girls don't even realize how much running they are doing because they are laughing so much!  Congratulations to the Purple Team who completed the tasks in the most timely of fashions!

Have a great weekend, Fit Girls!  Don't forget to get outside and MOVE!

MHD Lax Color War Team Captains

White Team making a plan

The Tye-Dye team

Red Team

The "Mean Girls" sneaking up

Pink Team

Green Team

Tuck Jumps

Ms. Belli's Signature

White Team

The "mean girls"

Yellow Team

Orange Team

Blue Team

Star Jumps-while yelling "I'm A Star"
Camo Team

LAX Role Models and Fun Makers

Laps around the field
Purple Team Champs!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Update

Fit Girls Run Club is well on its way preparing for the May 31st 5k, but the girls are doing a lot more than running! This week they voted on two charities which Fit Girls will support; New England Disabled Sports and Marblehead All Sports Foundation were the winners. 

A little bit about both- New England Disabled Sports provides adaptive instruction to adults and children with mental and physical disabilities. Their programs allow individuals with disabilities to enjoy outdoor recreation with friends and family, as well as provide access to equipment and instruction that might otherwise be unavailable. Marblehead All Sports Foundation is an organization that is designed to regularly provide funding for athletic facilities in Marblehead. Their most current project is raising money for a new track at Village School. 

 In addition to their hard work and charitable thinking- Fit Girls helped with a

She said yes!!